Successful Software Projects

Large IT Projects have a reputation for being late and over budget. We have learned that with the right skills and approach, even complex IT projects can be brought under control. Yes, it takes experience, knowledge, methods and above all, the right competence to deliver large IT projects. And that is what we do.

If you want to build a skyscraper you would only employ professionals who had done it before. So why not give your software projects the same treatment, increase your chance of success.

Our accumulated skills, techniques and experience will give you a quick assessment of what changes might be needed to set your project on the right road to success.  That is why in 2017 we started work on the ground-breaking software Scopemaster that improves software requirements quality and automatically estimates size in function points.

It takes small teams of highly competent people to deliver great results.

Our Values

You can rely on competence and integrity from everyone at Albion Technology.

Competence is a core value Integrity is a core value