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Measure Complexity to Avoid Software Bugs

Apr 28, 2015 Blog by colinalb
I have posted this to remind myself of how important it is measure and minimise code complexity. These truisms all coincide: Defects can be avoided with good code structure Most serious defects are found in the most complex routines Prevention is better than cure If you measure your McCabe Complexity throughout your code development and
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The Value of Simplicity

Sep 28, 2014 Blog by colinalb
How do you measure the value of simplicity? I am still looking for the answer, but here is a thought: The richest company in the world, Apple, has put ease of use and simplicity at the heart of its product development strategy. I haven’t seen it yet, but they tell me that the manual for
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Frameworks for Rapid Quality Application Construction

Sep 13, 2014 Blog by colinalb
Software frameworks are reusable code libraries that give the developer a quick start to delivering usable business functionality. ¬†They include “out of the box” code for commonly used features. This code tends to be high quality. In addition, frameworks tend to guide the developer towards building well-organised structured applications. The combination of re-usable code and
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Faster, Easier and More Accurate Software Sizing

Nov 3, 2013 Blog by colinalb
Measuring the size of a software project is critical to being able to manage it. I looked long and hard at various techniques, Cosmic, Nesma, man-days Agile story points and others. The one I kept coming back to was IFPUG Function Points, for these reasons: Compared with similar methods, IFPUG is rather like the dollar
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