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Top 10 Practices to Improve Software Project Success

Jan 7, 2018 Blog by colinalb
For software project managers, CIOs and CFOs responsible for software development projects, this is my personal list of top ten considerations when approaching any software development project.   Succinctly Define Success in Business Terms In fewer than three sentences, describe the business goal of the software project – completely.  Ensure that this is personally endorsed
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Iamfine daily wellness calls and Covid symptom tracking

Daily Calls to Our Loved Ones Who Live Alone

Apr 27, 2017 Blog by colinalb
Iamfine is an automated service that we would like to tell you about. Iamfine is a simple service that provides automated daily calls to anyone who lives alone. This provides daily reassurance to those who live alone and to those that care for them that they are ok. Enhanced to capture Covid symptoms with every
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4 Things to Measure on Software Projects

Jun 4, 2015 Blog by colinalb
Or perhaps more precisely: “4 key project metrics that you can measure with Function Points – and one that you can’t” They are: Scope (measured in FP) Resources  (staff per FP) Quality  (defects per FP) Schedule   (FP delivery per week/month) The one key aspect of projects that you cannot readily measure using Function Points is Risk. Of course there
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Function Point Sizing of a Web Application

May 21, 2015 Blog by colinalb
I am always looking for ways to speed up and improve the accuracy of my software project Function Point counts. So I put together a utility that helps create an inventory of user interaction  elements on an existing web page.   Just paste the html and it creates a readable table: I call it webassist, please
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Wastes of Software Development

May 19, 2015 Blog by colinalb
The 7 Wastes of Software Development Process Partially done work Delays Handoffs Extra features Re-learning Task switchting Defects Eighth waste: Loss of human creativity. The most important waste in product development is poor communication Scatter Communications barriers Poor tools Hand offs Useless information Waiting Wishful thinking Testing to specification Discarding the know how “Lean Product
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Quote of the Day

May 17, 2015 Blog by colinalb
Learn as quickly as possible how to make and deliver products that consumers consider to be of value Lean Product and Process Development, Allen C Ward 2007

Thought for the Day

May 15, 2015 Blog by colinalb
I recently stumbled across a presentation about Lean and Agile by Grant Rule, from which I found the following: Principles of Lean Consumption Solve my problems completely Don’t waste my time Provide exactly what I want Deliver value where I want it Supply value when I want it Reduce the number of decisions I must make
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Big Data Experiment

May 1, 2015 Blog by colinalb
inFood – Using public data to uncover nutrition secrets Comparing food products by looking at the package information is a bit harder than it might seem Background Everyone’s talking Big Data, Hadoop, Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence and AI, but what it is all about really? I have managed IT projects in this field (successfully) but
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